Recommended Saturday Show: DOM, The Smith Westerns, Total Slacker, YellowFever, and Sweet Bulbs at Station 171

Smith Westerns

Personally, I like to spend my Saturday Halloween nights at house parties with friends, not riding any trains where people in scary masks with fake weapons give me anxiety attacks.  BUT, this show almost, ALMOST makes me reconsider.  And I really hate riding the subway with people in scary masks holding fake weapons.  All five of these bands fun, exciting, palatable to most listeners’ ears, and will put on a raging Halloween party.  These bands are all so straight-up enjoyable fun, that I bet you could even drag you non-music-loving friends along and they’d have a good time.  Plus, who wouldn’t want to see what Tucker from Total Slacker dresses as?  Bands in costumes = even better than bands just dressed all cool-like.  The Smith Westerns don’t come through town all that often, either, so tonight is a great chance to check them out.  Happy Halloween!  Be safe tonight!  Don’t forget to go out with a buddy!

MP3: “Be My Girl” – Smith Westerns

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