Sweet New MP3: Tonstartssbandht’s “Preston ‘Great Ass’ Imfat”


This song has been kicking around since mid-October, and I’ve been meaning to post about since, especially after catching Tonstartssbandht at Bruar Falls.  I’ve been pretty down on music lately.  Everything seems so safe to me, either a retreading of trends from the past two years or a retreading of 80s mall music.  But this track from Tonstartssbandht offers me a huge, glimmery glimmer of hope.  Coming from a band that pretty much pounds through their manic guitar songs live, this track shows a huge range of breadth.  It starts out cute and acoustic, then moves into some Beatles-esque melodies, and then finishes with 60s doo-wop vocals filtered through a male-harmonic Akron/Family lens.  The point is, they can do a lot, and they do do a lot.  But the song isn’t just wide-ranging for the hell of it- these brothers are clearly excellent melody-crafters and have what feels to me to be a very unique point of view.  I’m really glad they’re sharing it with us.  I like them best of all because they don’t feel trendy when I’m listening to or watching them- they just feel good.

Mp3: “Preston ‘Great-Ass’ Imfat” – Tonstartssbandht

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