Photos (for Impose): Super Vacations, PC Worship, Screens, and The Surprisers at Death By Audio

I’ve got photos up over at Impose from Friday of Super Vacations, PC Worship, Screens, and The Surprisers at Death By Audio.  The night what just about as I’d predicted it would.  I did not enjoy Screens- their high-energy electronic beats just didn’t do much for me- but Super Vacations, PC Worship, and The Surprisers were all fun to watch (unfortunately I couldn’t stay for Big Troubles).  The Surprisers are definitely a new band- they need to fill out their sound with a second guitar (the keyboards had to be up a little bit too loud, filling in the space when the guitar is soloing) and practice a bit more, but I see a really fun band in the making here.  The lead singer does in fact channel Elvis, and while I would encourage him to not be nervous when he performs, he was overall charming and entertaining.  Seriously, with a couple more shows and practices, I think this band could really go somewhere, given the quality of their recordings, too.  Check them out now.

PC Worship is just as fascinating and intricate as their wide-breadth of recordings led me to believe they would be.  Though my friend who came along with me was a little bit wary of their saxophone noodling, I thought that they really had an exciting sound worked out.  The guitar tones and tape decks melded into a nice, juicy noise, though I think the songwriting has really yet to take off.  Some of the songs stagnated a bit in their intricacies, but nothing that should prohibit you from seeing these guys as soon as you can.  And finally, Super Vacations rounded off my evening with a very high-energy set of scrabbled garage rock.  Another band with a solo singer, he ambled around and the stage as the rest of the group surrounded him with a wall of noise.  My favorites of the night.  Check out their song below, and the pictures over at Impose.

MP3: “Bikini” – The Super Vacations

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