Recommended Saturday Show: Ducktails, Gary War, and The Surprisers at Union Pool

gary war ducktails union pool

This show is free!  I mean, the poster says $8, but Matt Mondanile tweeted that it was free, so I’m gonna go with that.  Ducktails and Gary War are both totally sweet noise-ish acts that I’ve covered often on this blog, and they’re both hosting the show in support of new recordings.  The Surprisers have also been blogged about quite a bit here, and while I think they still need more shows under their belts, the lead singer is a ton of fun to watch and the songs are quite good.  Even The New Yorker thinks this show is baller.  I like how they call Sacred Bones a “voguish imprint.”

MP3: “Art Vandelay” – Ducktails

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