Photos (for Impose): Julian Lynch, Big Troubles, and Family Portrait at Music Hall of Williamsburg

I am extremely, extremely happy to report that Julian Lynch, Big Troubles, AND Family Portrait all sounded amazing at Music Hall of Williamsburg on Friday night.  After two years of hearing all three of these bands over mediocre PAs in tiny clubs and DIY venues (not to knock those places, they’re my favorites- but you must admit that the sound is often muddy) it was positively glorious (yes, glorious) to hear their music fill up an entire Music Hall.  The whole crowd followed Lynch’s every guitar-soloy move with rapture.  Family Portrait played their usual electronicy pop set to perfection.  The biggest surprise of all, though, was Big Troubles.  Before Friday night I don’t think I ever fully realized how particular (and particularly well-crafted) their guitar and bass sounds are.  Seeing them at Music Hall of Williamsburg was like eating great food with wine for the first time: you knew it was great before, but you didn’t really fully appreciate it until you experienced a perfect pairing.  Their smart attention to their sound was like Wild Nothing’s, and frankly better.  I can’t wait until this band gets huge this year.

Check out my photos over at Impose.

MP3: “Ears” – Julian Lynch

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