Recommended Thursday Show: Lame Drivers, Cool World, Eola, and Harpoon Forever at The Delancey

lamedrivers the delancey

Lamedrivers have been around for eight years!  Eight years!  That’s unbelievable.  If you’re not familiar with the always-slightly-under-the-radar New York via Providence via New Jersey band, they generally stick to college rock with lots of influences from your favorite 90s alt bands like The Replacements or Guided By Voices.  They’re offering a 27-track retrospective for free, and are hosting a pretty excellent show at The Delancey this Thursday.  Eola is Edwin of Tonstartssbandht, and you know how fondly we feel about those guys here.  I’ve listened to some of his tunes, and it’s mostly really excellent, quiet, keyboard driven experimental stuff.  Cool World and Harpoon Forever are two bands that you should take note of, as well.  They both rely on really scuzzy guitar sounds- Cool World more so in the Ponytail-eque, expansive jams sense, and Harpoon Forever more so in the gritty pop tunes sense.

To top it all off, Friendship Bracelet is DJing, and if you’re not familiar with that blog, you should take some time out right now and get to know it.  And apparently there’s free vodka from 10-11.  So there you have it.  Go check out The Delancey.

MP3: “Wrong” – Eola

MP3: “Excess” – Lame Drivers

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