Recommended Friday Show: Fergus & Geronimo, Easter Vomit, Widowspeak, and Dry Feet at Death By Audio

fergus & geronimo

I’m so, so glad Fergus & Geronimo are from Brooklyn now.  I feel privileged.  Lucky.  Because the last couple shows of their I’ve been to have been pretty explosive.  They’ve come so, so far since I saw them that first time at Market Hotel a few years ago when everyone just kinda stood around and played some keyboards and beat on a single tom.  If you’re someone who likes classic rock and doesn’t understand what all these new bands are doing, then this band is for you.  If you’re someone who likes garage rock with great riffs, this band is for you.

Easter Vomit is another one of this blog’s favorites.  With ex-Beets drummer manning the couple of drums and a spastic lead singer flailing around with his guitar everywhere, how could you not love their songs about venereal disease and prostitute children?  Seriously, I’m not joking; they’re rad.  Check out their new jams.

I’m unfamiliar with Widowspeak and Dry Feet.  Widowspeak seems to lean towards some of those dreamier bands but with nice, homey, low fidelity production quality.  I’m not crazy about the singer’s voice, but there’s some really neat stuff going on with chord changes on their Bandcamp.  In that sense, they remind me a bit of YellowFever.  Dry Feet sounds like a good ‘ole down home garage rock basement band from their MySpace.  This is definitely the show to be at this Friday.  Don’t miss it.  Unless you can only go out one night this weekend, in which case you should save it for my show at Shea Stadium on Saturday night.  But this lineup definitely wins Friday.

“Girls With English Accents” – Fergus & Geronimo

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