Photos: NYRM 2nd Anniversary Show at Shea Stadium

shea stadium balloon

Saturday night saw this blog’s 2nd anniversary show at Shea Stadium.  All the bands were great, Prince Rama were killer DJs who were nice enough to stay until 3AM and keep everyone dancing the whole time.  I had a really wonderful time, and I hope everyone else who came did, too.  I want to say a HUGE thank you to Mr. Charles Decker for brewing up a batch of New York Hopmarket and giving it out for free.  It was delicious, and everyone thought so.  And a HUGER thank you to all the bands who played and to Prince Rama and everyone at Shea Stadium.   And an EVEN HUGER thank you to all of my friends who came, some of them from very far away and some with law school exams hanging over their heads.   Anyways, there were a bunch of disposable cameras floating around, results below.  There’s a TON of other photos.  You can check them out on Impose here.

friends shea stadium


ravenous drummer

thumbs up

party hat

shea stadium

sitting on couch

funny face



smoking outside

meredith and natty

prince rama


ravenous band

alyssa, anna, amy, alex

mr. charles decker


shea stadium bk crowd

band room

two girls

me and jim

purple balloon

couple on couch

couple near stage

yellow ostrich

night manager

red tights


translations ii

zach and madalyn

prince rama

shea stadium

prince rama dancing

green hood

prince rama and friend

prince rama shea stadium

prince rama

one prince rama

translations guy

translations guys

translations beer

night manager glasses

ground outside

translations shea stadium



brick wall shea stadium


MP3: “Hate Me Soon” – Yellow Ostrich

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