Recommended Thursday Show: King Tuff, Frankie Rose & The Outs, and Nude Beach at The Knitting Factory

king tuff knitting factory

King Tuff is fantastic.  Fantastic is my word of the week.  But really, they’re fantastic.  King Tuff is Kyle of Happy Birthday’s original band, I believe.  The music has that same playfully weird quality to it, with noodly but extremely creative guitar solos thrown in every now and then, except it’s a little less precious and a little more punk.  I don’t think he plays out very often as King Tuff, so get on that tonight while you can.  Frankie Rose and her Outs are playing.  Just in case you haven’t heard of her via Crystal Stilts via Vivian Girls via Dum Dum Girls, Frankie and The Outs put out a fairly mediocre reverb-laden 60s flower child album last year.  They’re more fun live, but won’t blow you away.  Nude Beach is also playing.  I saw them at the Knitting Factory in June.  I didn’t remember them, and had to look up what I wrote, and I called them “tired,” so maybe don’t show up right at 9.  Definitely make it out, though.  An opportunity to see King Tuff should not be passed up.

MP3: “Freak When I’m Dead” – King Tuff

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