Photos: King Tuff and Frankie Rose & The Outs at The Knitting Factory

frankie rose

Both King Tuff and Frankie Rose seemed like they were having a lot of fun on Thursday.  Nobody was taking themselves too seriously (sometimes I think Frankie is accused of this, because of all her band-switching), there was pretty good stage banter from both parties, and everyone at The Knitting Factory was putting out the most positive of vibes.  Frankie Rose & The Outs have improved markedly since I saw them last.  Frankie is definitely finding her singing voice, and when she’s confident, it comes as very cool and unique.  High and throaty and weird.  The band is at their best when they’re being loud and noisy.  They created a pretty mighty ruckus during some of the songs, and you could tell that all four of them felt sort of silly about it.  They were pulling some pretty great rock and roll moves, but laughing sheepishly at the same time.  It translated really well; it seemed like the band was having a good time, and so I felt like I was having a good time, too.  They should ditch some of their music’s precious moments for more of  these hilariously badass ones.

I have nothing to say about King Tuff other than things like, “Awesome,” and “Amazing,” and “Totally sweet!”  I like them so much!  They, too, seemed like they were having a phenomenally fun time on stage.  Beer bottles were being thrown and slick guitar solos were being executed with just enough sloppiness.  I can imagine them all hanging out in Vermont with not a lot to do except get really good at guitar all day long.  I mean, I’m sure there’s actually a lot to do in Vermont, that’s just how I’m picturing it.  They played a very quick thirty five minute or so set, and it was just right, from beginning to end.  I especially loved the song below.  I definitely wanna put it on a mix tape for someone some day.

Frankie Rose & The Outs:

frankie rose & the outs

knitting factory crowd

frankie rose & the outs knitting factory

frankie rose & the outs guitarist

frankie rose & the outs

frankie rose & the outs drummer

frankie rose & the outs bass player

King Tuff:

king tuff dummer seinfeld

king tuff guitarist

king tuff

king tuff hair flip

king tuff kyle

knitting factory brooklyn

dude drinking beer hipster brooklyn

blonde girl knitting factory

king tuff bass player

king tuff brooklyn

king tuff wha?

effects pedal sneaker

MP3: “Lady” – King Tuff

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  2. michandre says:

    A lot of good photos in this write-up.