Recommended Friday Show: How To Dress Well at Church of Messiah

how to dress well

How To Dress Well made it onto everyone’s year end list, more or less.  Plus, his whole persona is pretty interesting.  He rarely, rarely plays in the U.S., so this is your one big chance to catch him.  The show is sold out, but if you’re savvy, I’m sure you can find a ticket.  If you’re unfamiliar, or only familiar with his incredible song, “Decisions,” then this Pitchfork interview is a great place to start.  I particularly liked this quote:  “I don’t want How to Dress Well to be about me in the way that Kanye wants it to be about Kanye. For Kanye, music is a vehicle for personality and self-expression. But music allows me to depersonalize. It’s a lot more about sound design than my personality. Kanye is really self-advancing. That’s not what How to Dress Well is about– it’s more about delivering a feeling.”

MP3: “Decisions” – How To Dress Well

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2 Responses to Recommended Friday Show: How To Dress Well at Church of Messiah

  1. lesley says:

    i’m still checking this guy out. i’m open to the sound but some stuff i haven’t been over the moon about. i think he can win me over in time. like i say, i’m open to the sound. (nods)

    • New York Rockmarket says:

      Yeah, I actually heard that this show was terrible, and he’s kind of a one-hit wonder. I feel a little bit bad for suggesting it, but a couple of the songs really are fantastic.