Recommended Friday Show: Powers (of These Are Powers), The Tony Castles, Grooms, Darlings, Class Actress, and Snakes Say Hiss at Death By Audio

grooms band

There’s a whole mess of great shows happening tomorrow (Woods and Ducktails at Monster Island, Eola and friends at Silent Barn, Oh My Rockness show at Pianos), but I wanted to recommend this one.  It’s a show in memory of Ariel Panero, a promoter in New York and member of Tough Knuckles, who recently passed away at the age of 25.  I never met him, but he started Less Artist More Condos, which is pretty damn amazing.  Sure, I’ve written about Grooms, These Are Powers, and Darlings a ton of times, and you can see them frequently in New York, but they always put on a great show, and this is a fantastic reason to go out and see them.  There’s also a second night in memory of Panero on Saturday, which will include Skeletons, Sisters, Regal Degal, Tough Knuckles, and Hubble.

MP3: “Life of Birds” – These Are Powers

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