Photos (for Impose): Fergus & Geronimo, Mr. Dream, and The Honey Dos at Cake Shop

Ugh.  Sorry for the complete lack of posting the last few days.  Wordpress did some weird update thing and froze me out.  I’ve actually written this post up twice and had it somehow deleted, so I’m feeling a bit down on it (plus this show happened over a week ago at this point).  Here’s the summary: Fergus & Geronimo are old-timey yet new-timey rock awesome, and I am so glad they moved to Brooklyn.  Mr. Dream was a total surprise; I loved their straight-forward rock and all of them were very handsome.  I did not think The Honey Dos were interesting or good, but at least they seemed like they were having a good time.  Okay, that’s it.  Check out the photos at Impose.  I promise to be less cranky tomorrow.

MP3: “Crime” – Mr. Dream

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