Recommended Wednesday Show: Radical Dads, Translations, Hospitality at Pianos

radical dads

Photo by Daniel Doherty for Impose

I don’t understand why the cooler blogs haven’t picked up on Radical Dads yet.  Their Hype Machine MP3 list is woefully short, for the time being anyways.  Sure, they’re not breaking any ground exactly with their alt-influenced songwriting, but everything about them is good.  It’s that inexplicable factor that divides one band from another- when they play, it works.  Their live show is finely crafted without trying too hard.  If you like good, smart guitar-driven rock music, then you absolutely need to check out this band now.   Translations are playing and as they proved at my 2nd Anniversary show, they are a danceably good time.  Hospitality is playing, too, who I saw ages ago at Union Hall and remember liking, though I kind of get them confused with Diehard.  ARMS are ending the entire evening, but honestly, unless you’re really into shimmery songs with many excellent very musical parts that still don’t add up to much, you could leave early.  I don’t know- stay and check them out; I’ve seen them a couple times recently and they’re not my cup of tea.

MP3: “Alondra Rainbow Under Attack” – Radical Dads

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