Recommended Wednesday Show: Les Savy Fav and Big Troubles at Bowery Ballroom

les savy fav

Isn’t a Les Savy Fav show always great?  I remember in 2006 when they came to Swarthmore.  Everyone was so, so excited.  I think at that time it was supposedly their last tour, so everyone was whipped into a near frenzy over it.  Detachment Kit played a killer set first, and by the time LSF took to the stage everyone had already lost their minds.  As I recall, it was quite a lot of people writhing around on the floor unable to get up, as Tim Harrington tried to fit his body entirely under our two-foot tiny stage.  It was a lot of fun, and I imagine it always is.  With Big Troubles on the bill at Bowery, this is a nice, comfortable show for this Wednesday, where you’ll be certain to get your money’s worth.

MP3: “Let’s Get Out Of Here” – Les Savy Fav

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