Photos (for Impose): Golden Girls, Landlady, and Dirty Fences at Death By Audio

I was so happy at this show last Friday night.  I walked in right when Dirty Fences started playing, and was immediately exhilarated.  They were very tight and fast, and also very young.  I don’t know much about them, but this is what the message on their Facebook says: “LISTEN UP, YOUNGBLOOD, FENCES IS SOME SERIOUS SHIT B U C K W I L D ENOUGH TO MAKE ANY CREATURE CUM, CROSS THE GLOBE IN ANY ZIP CODE, SINCERELY, THE WHOLE GROOP.”  So…yeah.  I don’t know about them, but I definitely liked what I heard.

Landlady are a really promising group.  Beautiful vocal harmonies with intricate song constructions, sometimes about ghosts on tv.  It’s the same guy behind Previously On Lost, so imagine the humour and whimsy in that group transposed into some serious songwriting chops.  Golden Girls were sloppy and loud, and so fun.  I wish Worcester were a little bit closer to Brooklyn.  Pictures on Impose here.

MP3: “Newports” – Golden Girls

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