Recommended Saturday Show: Tamaryn at P.S. 1

tamaryn santos

After CMJ, I never thought I’d recommend a Tamaryn show.  I was almost offended at Santos Party House- some girl doing a bad Stevie Nicks impression with a headache-inducing light show.  Bah.  It was not my cup of tea.  But when you’re wrong, you’re wrong.  I spent some time listening to her MySpace, and realized that the music is pretty great.  If you like Beach House or anything like that, you’ll certainly want to give Tamaryn a listen.  Subtle and gentle at times, but full of fascinating emotional complexities.  Very beautiful songs.  With more lo-fi rocking guitar themes than I expected from watching them at Santos.  Even though I’m still wary of the live show, I think P.S. 1 will be a good place to see them.  It’s in the afternoon and should be cool in such an arty space.

MP3: “Sandstone” – Tamaryn

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2 Responses to Recommended Saturday Show: Tamaryn at P.S. 1

  1. Michael says:

    I saw the Coco66 October show last year (4-song shortened set due to overcapacity) in October 2010, and of course, just checked out Tamaryn at Moma PS1 as well. In some ways as far as sound and ambiance, I thought the Moma event really worthwhile, but almost liked the late-night vibe vs the afternoon show. I’ve had this Mexican Summer release on vinyl a while and do like the songs. The guitar can be very thickly textured and I like that… the softness of her voice and the way its recorded does find her a little softer in the background as recorded, but I think that is the sound the probably wanted. Thanks again for all of your recommendations on your music blog.

    • New York Rockmarket says:

      yeah, i’d really like to see her again, maybe in a place with less of a light show. did she have a light show at p.s. 1?