Recommended Saturday Show: The Surprisers, Home Blitz, and No Demons Here at The Ding Dong Lounge


This Ding Dong Lounge place- it’s pretty new.  At least pretty newly hosting indie bands.  The crazy thing is- it’s uptown!!  Oh my goodness!  Rock bands above 42nd street!  What’s going on?  Who attends these shows?  According to New York Magazine, graduate students who like the 80s, that’s who.  That sounds pretty good I guess.  I only know a few people who have made it up to this venue, but the reviews I hear are good.  Could this be the first domino to fall in a crazy new Harlem hipster scene?  Let’s hope not, for everyone’s sake, but this will be a good Saturday night adventure.  I can promise the crowd will be just right, especially filled with those Jersey boys’ side project friends.  You’ve got fun and sloppy rock and roll from The Surprisers and Home Blitz.  The only thing I’ve ever heard from No Demons Here (bass player from Big Troubles’ side project) is the song below, and I really like it.  Definitely go to this show this Saturday.  Take your date.  Impress her with your out-of-the-way venue knowledge.  She’ll think it’s cool, I promise.  Or maybe she’ll be annoyed you took her on an hour long ride on the 1 to hear bands she could have heard two feet away from her apartment at Bruar Falls.  Maybe gauge it on your date.  Personally, I would love to go.

MP3: “Every Second Darker” – No Demons Here

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