Photos (for Impose): M+M Go to The Bell House

M+M go the the bell house

You may recognize the name Meredith Leich if you’ve been around here before.  Occasionally, one of her awesome drawings of a live band will make its way onto this page.  I always consider myself lucky when I’m able to post one of those, and now I consider myself the luckiest, because she and I are collaborating on a new web comic.  She draws, I take pictures, we put it all together and mostly talk about boys.  It’s a great combination, if you ask me.  I’m very excited about it, and we’re hoping to make it a semi-regular thing.  You can check out the first installation of a trip we recently took to The Bell House to see Reigning Sound right here on Impose.  I was disappointed by Reigning Sound- none of the brashness of their recordings translated to their boring live show, but I was excited by the surprise opener, Guitar Lightnin’ Lee.  He’s from New Orleans and played a fantastic, spirited blues set.

MP3: “Time Bomb High School” – Reigning Sound

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