Recommended Wednesday Show: Tennis, La Sera, and Holiday Shores at Bowery Ballroom

tennis band

Tennis has been polarizing.  Either you love them because they play breezy, digestible pop music, perfect for a warm summer’s walk on the beach, or you hate them because their music isn’t actually all that interesting, just fluffily accessible.  I say, why not enjoy them if you enjoy them?  Don’t herald them as the saviors of music, but there’s certainly something to be said for a song that gets stuck in your head like “Marathon.”  Tennis isn’t the true draw for this show anyways.  That would be La Sera.  I’m digging so hard on their self-titled debut for Hardly Art.  The songs are also simple, but Kickball Katy’s straight-forward songwriting only tricks you into thinking it’s sweet.  The sugary coating on the outside of her songs belie something more sinister, and that’s what continues to bring me back to these songs over and over.  Check out the track below.  It’s totally vibing on The Pixies, and I think it really works.  Holiday Shores are another band worth checking out if you never have before- from Florida, and filled with jangly, angly guitar parts.  Definitely make sure to get there on time for this one.

MP3: “Devils Hearts Grow Cold” – La Sera

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