Photos: Lower Dens, Ducktails, and Glory Girls at Music Hall of Williamsburg

jana hunter

These pictures are almost already a week old, so I’ll be brief.  I was so pleased to find out that Lower Dens was headlining a show at MHOW, and even more pleased when I saw that the venue was almost nearly full for them.  I’m not even sure how it happened.  It was only two years ago that I saw Jana Hunter for the first time, by accident, in the back yard of Beauty Bar at SXSW.  I was IMMEDIATELY captivated and I remember very clearly making a frantic trip to the ATM, paying a $4 surcharge, and just making it back in time to buy her album before she headed off to another show.  Then, she and her new band, Lower Dens, were opening a couple shows here and there at places like Death By Audio.  Suddenly, and to me, seemingly without any precedent, they’re playing this fantastic show at MHOW.  I guess they got a pretty good Pitchfork review (though not best new music), but that doesn’t really explain it to me.  What this really signals to me is that at the bottom of everything, people really do have pretty good taste.

The foursome put on a good show- the climbing, spiderweb guitar parts are beautiful to hear executed live.  Still, the overall performance didn’t have as much of an emotional effect on me as I thought it would.  A little something was left to be desired from Lower Dens on such a large stage.  I saw Ducktails open for what seemed like the millionth time this year, and their set was good as always, if not a bit more drunken.  Photos below.

Glory Girls:

glory girls


abraham from the surprisers

matt mondanile


ducktails mhow

ducktails drummer

ducktails bass

mhow crowd


Lower Dens:

lower dens

lower dens mhow

lower dens jana hunter

lower dens bass

lower dens full band

MP3: “A Dog’s Dick” – Lower Dens

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  1. M says:

    What a nicely edited set of photos!