Recommended Friday Show: Mr. Dream and The Sleepies at Glasslands

mr. dream

I’m going to reference the Pixies twice this week.  And Dinosaur Jr.  And Pavement.  And Robert Pollard.  If these bands sound generally appealing to you in a major way, if you feel “nostalgic” for these bands, and wish that there were more bands that sounded LIKE them today without being totally boring and derivative, well, then you should 1. Listen to Mr. Dream’s new record, Trash Hit, and 2. go to their record release show this Friday at Glasslands.  They’re grungy without being boring, driving and original.  These aren’t pop songs (for the more catchy-loving reader), but they’re cool alt rock songs for sure.  Mr. Dream is the kind of band that would have an enormous local following if they were from anywhere but Brooklyn.  Like Portland or Seattle.  Even Pitchfork liked the album, though I don’t know if that’s a check in the column for or against the band (they are actually ex-Pitchfork writers, and the review is quite right when it says that they sound like music writers making music).  The Sleepies are also playing.  You could probably say many of the same things about The Sleepies, but they have a much more straightforward punk-rock kind of feel.  Go to the show!  Not only is the record good, but I know that these guys have a compelling live show, too.

MP3: “Holy Name” – Mr. Dream

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