Recommended Monday Show: Alela Diane at Housingworks

alela diane

I officially declare this week the week of shows in mildly unusual places.  Okay, maybe just Monday and Tuesday (I guess you’ll have to wait until tomorrow to find out on that Tuesday one…or look at any show listing site and predict my extremely predictable blogging…), but the chance to see Alela Diane amidst stacks of used book at Housingworks is a romantic prospect.  Her folk and old-time infused songs have a true lasting beauty- I return to To Be Still more often than I do most music I was listening to two years ago.  “White As Diamonds,” “To Be Still”- these are the kinds of song that always stay with you.  She hasn’t been through New York in awhile, so this Monday is a wonderful opportunity to go see her.

MP3: “To Be Still” – Alela Diane

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