Recommended Friday Show: Fang Island at Bowery Ballroom

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I think I’m starting to say this a lot, maybe it comes with the territory of having been blogging for a few years now, but I remember last year on the last night of SXSW, my friend and I somehow made it way, way out to East Austin to this Mexican bar that somehow ended up hosting indie rock shows.  We went to see Fang Island, and in the midst of some pretty bad screamo bands, I saw one of the most joyfully celebratory and altogether ridiculous shows I’ve ever seen.

Songs in Spanish played on the jukebox in between sets, tall boys of PBR were $3, and the bartender laughed at me when I exclaimed how inexpensive they were.  $3 was a huge markup for the rich white kids coming into town.  Everyone seemed to be happy, and Fang Island encapsulated the energy of Saturday at SXSW, with their now so familiar screaming bro guitar rock.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that they’re headlining a big NYC venue- they really are quite good, and the music they play caters directly to college-aged boys who grew up on a steady diet of Weezer, (the most-marketed to sector for the indie rock industry).  Still, it feels good that almost exactly one year after one of my most favorite nights of all time, that same band is going to be playing for so, so many more people.

MP3: “Daisy” – Fang Island

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