Recommended This Week’s Shows: Go To Austin

james blake

It’s that time of year again- SXSW.  The entire music industry picks itself up and crowds itself into Austin, Texas, where people get drunk on free booze, eat a ton of tacos, and walk around seeing band after band until they pass out.  I know from experience, that is both the best and worst thing in the world.  Sadly, I will not be joining the masses in Austin this year, but I think a year off is probably a good move for me.  Unfortunately, this means no coverage of it on the blog this year.

SXSW also means that every single band there ever was (EVER, seriously, I heard Jim Morrison was going to be the surprise guest at Fader Fort this year) is in Austin.  Which leaves NYC a tad devoid of shows.  Thus, I’ve decided to take a week off from blogging.  Everyone needs a vacation, and there ain’t much to write about from New York this week besides.

There are a few good shows happening, though, which I will now list.  Tonight is James Blake at MHOW.  Tuesday’s actually pretty good, too, with The Babies at Monster Island Basement and Future Islands at Santos.  You wouldn’t go wrong with either of those shows.  And you wouldn’t go wrong seeing any night of Titus and The Pogues at T5, except for they’re at T5.  Aaaaaand that is it.  That is actually it.  Except for a killer show on Sunday, which I will describe to you in detail on Saturday.  Until then, au revoir!  Have a great SXSW, even if that means you stay in NYC, work your desk job, and actually get some sleep for a change.

MP3: “Limit To Your Love” (Feist Cover) – James Blake

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