Recommended Wednesday Show: The Beets, Beachniks, and Las Robertas at Union Hall

las robertas

The drought is over! The prodigal music industry employees return! While they’re all nursing their hangovers (both from alcohol and tacos) and sleeping all day because they had a 6AM flight back from Austin on Saturday night, we will jubilantly rejoice at the first good shows in what seems like a long, long time. Take this Wednesday night at Union Hall.  Las Robertas are from Cost Rica, so you’re not going to get a lot of chances to catch these guys. Their fun mix of punk and 60s girl group inspired music will make for a FUN Wednesday night.  Plus, you get to see The Beets!  The Beets!  I can think of few bands that so many people agree are grade A guaranteed good times.  Any why not throw Beachniks in there?  They’re not going to be Earth shattering, but they’re cute.  Definitely try to make it out to Union Hall this Wednesday.

MP3: “Back To The End” – Las Robertas

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