Recommended Friday Show: White Out with Thurston Moore at The Stone

thurston moore black and white

This is a pretty unusual show for me to recommend, especially when there’s things like The So So Glos at 285 Kent.  But let’s be honest- how many Friday nights have we spent in basements seeing the So So Glos?  Personally, quite a few (if your answer is none, then I vote you go to 285 Kent this Friday, regardless of this post’s title).  I could recommend J Mascis and Kurt Vile.  I could also recommend PC Worship.  I could also popularly recommend Jacuzzi Boys, who are in town this weekend from Florida.  They’ve been getting mad buzz lately, but unless they’ve gotten quite a lot better than the last time I saw them at Cake Shop, I’m not totally sure what all the fuss is about.  So, instead of all those, something different.  White Out is an improvisational noise group that puts out records on Thurston’s (of Sonic Youth) label, Ecstatic Peace.  He will be performing with them at The Stone.  But the REAL reason I’m forsaking all my typical bands for this show (other than to tell you about something a little different and potentially cool) is the incredible new song Thurston just released.  It’s called “Benediction;” you can download it below; I hope you fall for it as hard as I have.

MP3: “Benediction” – Thurston Moore

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