Recommended Saturday Show: Las Robertas, Sweet Bulbs, Sunny Ali & The Kid, and Telenovelas at Shea Stadium

pita gods

I don’t mean to be all “Las Robertas all the time,” but this is THE show to be at this Saturday night.  This new group called the Pita Gods have started putting together shows, and this is a helluva show to start off with.  It’s a who’s who of upcoming Brooklyn talent (seriously, Sweet Bulbs, Sunny Ali & The Kid, and Telenovelas are three bands that are going to be in the next crop of Brooklyn exports, in a big way, even if that way is a bit overhyped) plus a really, really sweet out of town band.  And if it’s a new promoter’s first show, it’s definitely going to be a party.  All of their friends will show up ready to have fun.  I don’t really understand why you’d be anywhere else this Saturday night.

MP3: “Kissing Clouds” – Sweet Bulbs

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