Recommended Tuesday Show: Wire and Weekend at Music Hall of Williamsburg

wire band

Wire is the real deal.  They were part of the original British punk movement, forming in London in 1976.  They weren’t as sweet or as snotty as some of their peers, they were darker and more driving in the places they took punk rock and made it their own.  They were active right up through the early nineties.  Then again, in the last decade, where they’ve released three albums.  These guys are legends, big time.  If you can’t make it to the show, I recommend taking a little time to familiarize yourself with their catalog.  The below MP3 is an excellent and famous start.  You should still probably go to the show, though.  Weekend is opening, and they had one of my favorite albums of last year (not to be confused with the recently hyped Weeknd).  Definitely worth it to go out on a Tuesday for this one.

MP3: “I 2 X U” – Wire

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