Recommended Friday Show: MV & EE and Spectre Folk at Death By Audio

joshua light show

I think I’m starting to lose my touch.  I look at all the show listings with the new bands, and none of them interest me very much.  Maybe we’re in a lull.  Does anyone feel like we’re in a musical lull, for the past several months or so?  I sure do.  Luckily, FINALLY, a band I could get on board with tomorrow, though!  MV & EE have been around for awhile.  If you’re unfamiliar, I would classify them solidly in the New Weird America camp- messing around with Americana and acid rock guitar solos.  I saw them at the Abrons Art Center last year with Woods for the Joshua Light Show, and they were pretty incredible.  Of course, any band would be incredible with those lights swirling behind them, but I bet they’ll fill up Death By Audio in a pretty major way.  Spectre Folk is opening, and Microphone Memory Emotion has a really great write-up of them, if you’re interested.  Definitely more freak folk.

MP3: “Anyway” – MV & EE

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