Recommended Friday Show: WBAR-B-Q at Barnard College

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It’s not too often you get a chance to see fantastic bands above 14th street, or really above Houston for that matter, but this Friday WBAR at Barnard College is putting on their annual WBAR-B-Q.  I went last year- it was cold and rainy and so inside their somewhat gloomy gym, but it was still worth the trek to see Blues Control and observe real stressed-out college scenester wannabes in their natural environment.  A good show AND a good anthropological experiment.  This year, the weather is supposed to be nice and the lineup is even better.  What wouldn’t I do to see Real Estate outside in nice weather?  That’s seriously the best kickoff to spring I can imagine.  Plus, you get Julianna Barwick, Grooms, and Big Troubles.  Well done, WBAR!

MP3: “Suburban Beverage” – Real Estate

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One Response to Recommended Friday Show: WBAR-B-Q at Barnard College

  1. We’ve got a new podcast up today featuring amongst others: Parliament, Johnny Pate, Billy Childish, The Monks, The Sonics, The Fall and X-Ray Spex. That’s got to be worth and hour of anyone’s time.