Recommended Wednesday Show: Davila 666, Hunx & His Punx, and Shannon and The Clams at Cake Shop

hunx and his punx

It’s an epic battle of two shows this Wednesday, vying for your favors in a Austenian struggle of awesomeness.  Bowery Ballroom is seductively batting its eyes at you with DOM, MINKS, Fergus & Geronimo, and Total Slacker.  A total babe!  How could a show get better than that?  It seems like the obvious choice.  But then Cake Shop comes around writing you love letters with Davila 666, Hunx & His Punx, and Shannon and The Clams, and it’s suddenly clear that Cake Shop is actually Mr. Darcy.  Sure, they’re playing again on Saturday at Glasslands (and with K-Holes, too, but sans Davila 666), but the more intimate venue will make for a much snugglier setting.  And trust me, proximity during a Hunx show is always a good thing.

I can’t let an opportunity to talk about how great Shannon and The Clams are slip away, either.  Girl has serious, serious presence and should be a role-model to young rock and rolling ladies everywhere.  I love her last album so, so, so, so much- demented 50s prom night to the max.  Either night you go, make sure you don’t just show up for the incredible Hunx, but for Shannon, too.

MP3: “Troublemaker” – Shannon and The Clams

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