Recommended Friday Show: NYU Strawberry Festival

lightning bolt

Lightning Bolt is crazy.  They have the loudest, rumbliest, most rocking live show, and it is something not to be missed.  Combine that with the outdoors on a nice spring day- the juxtaposition is sure to be magic!  Plus, you also get to see Pterodactyl, Ducktails, and So So Glos.  AND enjoy street booths manned by NYU students.  Which, you know, might be a good thing or a bad thing.  The music, though, that’s definitely a good thing.

MP3: “Dead Cowboy” – Lightning Bolt

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One Response to Recommended Friday Show: NYU Strawberry Festival

  1. Coming to NY on 3rd-6th June, recommend me some good shows people. Check out our podcasts, they’re ace. Any chance of adding us to your blogroll, you’re on ours. Cheers