Blog Hiatus

As you probably have (haven’t) noticed, I have not been doing a good job on here lately.  The last few months have been devoid of content except for show recommendations, and the past few weeks have been scant even on that front.  Despite this poor showing, I love writing this blog, and I think it has a place within the Brooklyn music community.

Still, some crazy things have been happening to me job-wise and life-wise.  I need to take some time off from the blog to figure out if NYRM is still something I should do.  Right now I do a lot of things, and I do an ok job.  I hope to do a few things in the future, and do them extremely well.  One of those things might be this blog, one of them might not.

I love writing about music, and I believe that cultural criticism, especially when it relates to music, is an incredibly important task to undertake.  But I’ve figured out it’s pretty much impossible for someone my age to make a living off of writing excellent music criticism (let alone finding the opportunity to become excellent in the first place).  I don’t really want to have a successful blog.  I want to be a successful music writer.  I can’t for the life of me figure out how to make that happen without mooching off of my parents the rest of my life.

I thought the key was to get a related music-industry job and blog in my spare time.  That sort of works.  But I’m beginning to suspect that the only people this whole thing is a good deal for is the people in the bands, the people actually making the music.  I want to be creating something worthwhile and bringing people together through entertainment and excellent critical thought about that entertainment.  So, while I figure out how to do that in a life-plausible way, I’m going to take a blogging break.  It might be a week or two or a few months, and I might never start back up again.  Only time will tell.  And if you know how I can make money writing, well, you know how to get in touch.



MP3: “Answering Machine” – The Replacements

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9 Responses to Blog Hiatus

  1. Greg says:

    I think it depends how many users you get coming to this site. The more readers you have coming here each day, the higher your value will be to advertisers. But an increase in readership depends on a stable, steady stream of content– something you are clearly not committed to now. Bummer.

    • New York Rockmarket says:

      Trust me, I’m nowhere near close enough to making money through advertisers. Even if I were able to make the blog consistently good enough that I had advertising, it would be nowhere near enough money to live off of. All of the “successful” bloggers I know have at least two other day jobs. Blogging is definitely a labor of love. It’s still worthwhile, and if done well is often a path to other successes. It’s just that if I’m being honest with myself, pushing out short, snappy content constantly isn’t where my passions lie. I’d really like to focus on craft and excellence, something that coming up with content every day, along with having two or three other jobs, doesn’t allow me to do.

      • Greg says:

        ok that’s fair. dang its a bummer cuz i really liked this blog. it helped me know who was good live and who i could book with my group to put shows together

  2. M says:

    As sad as I am (selfishly) to read this, I can’t argue with such a well articulated sentiment. I particularly liked, “I want to be creating something worthwhile and bringing people together through entertainment and excellent critical thought about that entertainment.” Amen, sister. But I’m hoping we can still see your great photos over at

  3. New York Rockmarket says:

    Yes! I’ll still be managing the photo page over at Impose, and contributing photography there.

  4. panties says:

    to be honest, you dont know me and i dont know you

    and music in general has kinda sucked recently, but if you stop blogging…(which i read)

    the man wins, dont let the man win…i need to know where to party this weekend!!


  5. Billy Gray says:

    Sad to hear it, as I’m a lurker and enjoy the blog, but I totally understand where you’re coming from. I’ve tried to run a music blog (and/or write for one regularly) a few times before and it can be a ton of work. That bit above about the bands getting more out of it than anybody else is telling, and I suspect it’s the case for many music blogs (and kinda makes me feel bad about writing them as an artist…). It kinda makes sense that it happens that way, people generally try to write about what they like, and on a local level you don’t necessarily want to make enemies, so things can get kinda staid, and it probably feels like more work than it should. When I think of curatorial blogs of various niches, the ones that are successful are willing to dispense some quite passionate criticism without regard to how the criticized will take it. As a local musician, I’d love to see a local blog like that. If you decide to come back to it, throw down hard, let the goofballs have it 😉

    All my best and good luck!

  6. Carolina Alduey says:

    I think you are an excellent writer and will most definitely reach the level of success you desire. Your blog, even if it may not seem like it at first, is definitely a helpful tool that will help you reach your goal. Just the mere fact that you get approached by artists and interview them is great practice and an important fan-base-building mechanism if you know what I mean. I wish you the very best of luck. I understand how you feel but I know you will find a the solution by seeing this through a different angle. Clarity will come…look, you don’t even know me but you have a fan already :)

  7. Sam Houghton says:

    I hear you sister. I write for a blog and lord knows I need a day job. Essentially, we all want our voices heard and to get paid to do that would be outstanding. I have enjoyed your site, used it often to get in a good show idea, and am sad to see it go. But I do have a preposition for you: write for my blog. haha. I joke but am serious. We’re a solid zine with a couple writers who cover the local Brooklyn scene and try to write as honestly as possibly about the music. While we’re not getting paid, we hang out with rock stars and get to the best shows you could ask for. While I’ve spent much time flipping pizzas and hustling pool halls, I have faith that writing about music will pay off. Email me if you’re interested.