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Record Store Day 2012

Happy Record Store Day!  Impose Magazine put together a great feature after asking people what their favorite record store is.  I put together this quick piece about my own favorite. My favorite and first real record store is the Princeton Record Exchange in Princeton, NJ.  I think technically my first record store was a Sam […]

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Blog Is Back

Hello!  It’s been seventh months, but New York Rockmarket is up and running once again.  Over the last half year, I’ve spent all my musical energy music supervising a new show on ABC called Final Witness.  It’s going to air in March, and I can’t wait to share everything I’ve been working on with you. […]

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Blog Hiatus

As you probably have (haven’t) noticed, I have not been doing a good job on here lately.  The last few months have been devoid of content except for show recommendations, and the past few weeks have been scant even on that front.  Despite this poor showing, I love writing this blog, and I think it […]


Recommended Thursday Show: Women and DD/MM/YYYY at Mercury Lounge

It’s been a slow show week (hence the lack of posting) but everything is coming back into full force with this show.  Sure, maybe you want to watch the Yankees, but this show is going to be really, truly, musically awesome.  Women put out an incredible, thoughtful, rockingly-introspective album out in 2008, and not a […]

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Be Back September 1st

Hi everyone.  I’ve been slacking lately, squeezing in various end of summer activities and seeing friends off before they leave for the great unknown (grad school).  Rather than feel guilty every day for not posting about all the great music that’s happening, I’m just going to take a break until September 1st.  I’ll be back […]

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Blog Updates

Hi All.  I’m doing some maintenance on the blog, which is why it looks weird right now, and the last few posts are missing.  I’m going to take a few days to make everything right, and eventually the blog will be back with a newer, cooler look!

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Cool New Festival: Mountain Man Fest

Mountain Man Fest is a brand new DIY festival slated to take place on Saturday, July 24th in upstate New York, right near Skidmore- about a three hour drive from the city.  Some of NYRM’s favorite bands will be on the bill including Islands, Real Estate, Woods, Pill Wonder, Family Portrait, Julian Lynch, Cults, and […]

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Recommended Friday Show: Beach Fossils, Total Slacker, Air Waves, Eternal Summers, Beachniks

This is a ridiculous show.  The entire line-up is full of my favorite up-and-coming bands.  What makes it even crazier is the Real Estate/Family Portrait/Liam the Younger/Big Troubles show happening simultaneously just down the street.  So why does this one get my pick?  Beachniks are unpracticed but cute.  Total Slacker’s Tucker is a rocking guitar […]

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SXSW 2010: Top Ten Favorite Performances

There’s so much going on at sxsw that it’s impossible to see even a sliver of what the week has to offer.  That’s why doing a top ten performances of the week list is sort of silly.  On the other hand, I saw some excellent new bands that I’d like to draw a little extra […]

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SXSW: Saturday

I know it’s Monday and that all of these performances happened on Saturday, but I never went to sleep that night, so it’s as if this post isn’t late.  Saturday brought freezing cold weather and drizzly rain to Austin, and it admittedly put a damper on everything.  After a miserable morning, I managed to obtain […]

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