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Happy Holidays!

[youtube=] Hooray!  Thanksgiving was delicious!  Now we get to experience a whole month of green and red and ice skating and trees and capitalism and Tiny Tim.  Sure, there’s plusses and minuses, but at least the holiday season distracts from how cold it’s getting outside.  The holiday season also means that the music industry basically […]

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Be Back Tomorrow

Sorry I’ve been completely MIA. I just moved and haven’t had Internet (on my phone right now). I think I’m heading over to the Death By Audio show tonight, and tomorrow someone is coming to put in my Internet. I’ll be back as soon as they do.

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Recommended Future Benefit Show: Chairlift, Adam Green, and Lightspeed Champion

I’m not too jazzed about any of the shows tomorrow.  Go see Ezra Furman’s last night of their Pianos residency if you haven’t yet.  Or go see Explosions In the Sky at Summerstage.  Not really my thing, but will certainly be a good show.  I figured I’d use this lack of enthusiasm as the perfect […]

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Back From SXSW

Hello again!  Sorry that it’s been quite some time since I’ve blogged.  I was having some technical difficulties over the past few days (aka exhaustion from SXSW) and wasn’t able to blog.  I know that a week in the blogosphere is equivalent to about a millennium in normal time, but I’m officially back and blogging. SXSW […]

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SXSW: Saturday

Last day of SXSW 2009. Musically, this was by far my most productive day in Austin. I’d seen most of the bands I really wanted to see, so I was free to float around just happening upon different things that interested me. Once again, you can find my full coverage here, on BreakThru Radio’s website. […]

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SXSW: Friday

You can catch all of my coverage of my Friday SXSW experience here. Todd P’s show at Ms. Beas’s made me proud to live in Brooklyn. Love him or hate him, he put on a well-run show with some of the best bands at the festival. Titus Andronicus are just so freaking good I can […]

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SXSW: Thursday

Surprise, surprise…Blitzen Trapper is awesome.  Normally I wouldn’t attempt to see a band I already know I love at a festival like this, but I missed them when they last came around New York.  I had to treat myself to one of my old favorite.  My best discovery of the day, though, was The Parenthetical […]

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SXSW: Wednesday

Oh my gosh.  Austin is hipster Disney World: magical, yet somehow terrifying.  Completely fake, yet very, very fun.  It’s difficult to describe.  Once again, I’m deliriously tired, but you can check out the coverage I posted over at BreakThru Radio here.  There will be lots and lots more photos and videos available soon, I promise.  […]


SXSW: Tuesday

Whew.  This day was unbelievable.  All of my content from SXSW will be availble at BreakThru Radio.  Just click HERE to read my blog posts.  Also, there’s going to be other SXSW coverage from other djs, so make sure to check that out, as well.  Plus, BTR will have all kinds of live music from […]

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New York Rockmarket Now On Twitter

I am NOT PLEASED about this, but I finally caved and made a Twitter account.  If you’d prefer to get your hot-new-band/song alerts and show recommendations in 140 words-or-less postings, then please add me!  The name is NYRockmarket.  I will also post more frequently on Twitter about what I happen to be listening to at […]

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