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Review (for Impose): K-Holes by K-Holes

I wrote a review of K-Holes’ self-titled new record for Impose.  It’s a pretty good record- definitely worth a listen or two, especially if you’re looking for ferocious saxophone rock.  I don’t mean to reduce it to that, because it’s an all-around cool record, but that’s what makes it stand out.  Read the review over […]

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Photos: Future Islands, Double Dagger, and Lower Dens at Death By Audio

Nights like last night will save rock and roll.  One obviously unique thing about rock music right now is that there have to be more bands than ever before.  Even in 1998, you couldn’t just pour your musical heart out into a computer like you can today.  Fans only heard music if the band had […]

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Quick Review: Deer Tick at Prospect Park Bandshell

There’s something innately unlikable about Deer Tick.  Maybe it’s the photos on their myspace page of girls in bikinis holding guns that aren’t quite tongue-and-cheek enough.  Maybe it’s John McCauley’s voice.  Maybe it’s because they truly don’t give a fuck about what you think of them (of course, all these could be plusses for the […]

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Photos: Woods and The Vaselines at Bowery Ballroom

The Vaselines are a Scottish band that formed in 1986, the year I was born.  I admit I’m not terribly well-versed in what happened between now and then; I found out about the show from another music blog.  Regardless, I am very glad that 23 years later I was able to go to the Bowery […]

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Photos: Pretty & Nice and Middle Distance Runner at Union Hall

This show seems like so long ago now.  I just got back home from Cymbals Eat Guitars at the Rooftop Films opening, which was one of the nicest evenings I’ve ever had in NYC.  I’ll post on that tomorrow, but for now, a few quick notes on Thursday’s Union Hall show.  I wasn’t expecting too […]

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Photos: Action Painters and XYZ Affair at Pianos

Last night, I was happy my way to make my over to Pianos for an Oh My Rockness sponsored show.  OMR is probably my favorite website; I use it at least once a day and have a very high regard for their taste.  I was also excited to see that Pianos had replaced their outdated […]

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Photos: These United States and Papercuts at The Bell House

I don’t know if I say it enough, but the owners of Union Hall have done a fine job with the Bell House.  It’s a truly special space and I think everyone knows it.  Every band I’ve seen play there without fail says how nice everyone there has been to them and what a cool […]

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Photos: Vampire Hands, These Are Powers, Wavves

When I mentioned I was going to Market Hotel to see Wavves, my co-worker told me, and I quote, “that place is a death trap.”  Well, she’s completely correct, but it was a very fitting venue in which to experience Wavves.  I hate to say anything bad about the place, mostly because Todd P, indie […]

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Review: Black Lips' 200 Million Thousand

[youtube=] _______________________________ QUICK REVIEW: There’s nothing new on this album, but if you’re a fan of guitars, sex, drugs, and rock ‘n roll, then you’ll like 200 Million Thousand.  Even though Black Lips aren’t reinventing the wheel, there’s real grit and attitude on this album, with just enough “I don’t give a fuck.”  Definitely worth […]

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Photos/Review: Titus Andronicus and Los Campesinos! at Bowery Ballroom

When I review shows, I like to be right up front.  I think you can best understand the heart of a live performance when you’re pressed against the stage with the weight of the entire audience bearing down on your ribcage.  You get a clear view of what’s happening on-stage, from pedals and guitar-playing to […]

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