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Recommended Saturday Show: Brain Cave Festival at Shea Stadium

It’s springtime!  Pretty much!  This means that for the next six months, we’ll want to sit around all afternoon drinking beers and listening to bands.  Right?  That’s what I want to do anyways, as soon as the weather is remotely warmish. Shea Stadium is kicking off the season of warm weather band fun with the […]

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Recommended Friday Show: MV & EE and Spectre Folk at Death By Audio

I think I’m starting to lose my touch.  I look at all the show listings with the new bands, and none of them interest me very much.  Maybe we’re in a lull.  Does anyone feel like we’re in a musical lull, for the past several months or so?  I sure do.  Luckily, FINALLY, a band […]

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Recommended Tuesday Show: Wire and Weekend at Music Hall of Williamsburg

Wire is the real deal.  They were part of the original British punk movement, forming in London in 1976.  They weren’t as sweet or as snotty as some of their peers, they were darker and more driving in the places they took punk rock and made it their own.  They were active right up through […]

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Recommended Saturday Show: JEFF the Brotherhood, Heavy Cream, Hell Beach, X-Ray Eyeballs, and Colleen Green at Death By Audio

Mmmhhmmm, this is one of those reliably excellent rock-your-face-off shows.  JTB is supposed to be the “secret guest,” but the cat is all the way out of the bag at this point.  JEFF has been playing places like Bowery and MHOW lately, so this show is going to be packed, sweaty, and an absurd amount […]

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Recommended Thursday Show: Magic Kids and Cults at Mercury Lounge

Ah, the infectious opening line, “Hey Boy, where’s your girlfriend?”  Magic Boys are almost sickeningly adorable, but still have plenty of well-deserved street cred to their names.  The Memphis group’s 2010 album, Memphis, didn’t earn quite as much critical praise as I thought it might have, but for a band that lives in the spaces of […]

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Recommended Wednesday Show: LCD Soundsystem at Terminal 5

Ugh, I’m sure you already know that this week is LCD Soundsystem’s last run of shows ever of all time, and I HATE T5, but it’s kind of been a slow week for shows.  If you’ve never seen LCD before, do it this week.  You really should.  Even if you only like them a little […]

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Recommended Saturday Show: Las Robertas, Sweet Bulbs, Sunny Ali & The Kid, and Telenovelas at Shea Stadium

I don’t mean to be all “Las Robertas all the time,” but this is THE show to be at this Saturday night.  This new group called the Pita Gods have started putting together shows, and this is a helluva show to start off with.  It’s a who’s who of upcoming Brooklyn talent (seriously, Sweet Bulbs, […]

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Recommended Friday Show: White Out with Thurston Moore at The Stone

This is a pretty unusual show for me to recommend, especially when there’s things like The So So Glos at 285 Kent.  But let’s be honest- how many Friday nights have we spent in basements seeing the So So Glos?  Personally, quite a few (if your answer is none, then I vote you go to […]

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Recommended Thursday Show: The Twerps and Big Troubles at Cake Shop

The Twerps are from Australia, and they have been getting a good deal of buzzzzz on the better blogs for the past month or two, and now they’re on an American tour.  In terms of current bands, they’re like one part Strange Boys and one part Girls and one part 70s NYC punk band.  It’s […]

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Recommended Wednesday Show: The Beets, Beachniks, and Las Robertas at Union Hall

The drought is over! The prodigal music industry employees return! While they’re all nursing their hangovers (both from alcohol and tacos) and sleeping all day because they had a 6AM flight back from Austin on Saturday night, we will jubilantly rejoice at the first good shows in what seems like a long, long time. Take […]

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