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SXSW 2010: Friday

I keep trying to find a moral in SXSW.  The point is to be in a band, and the rest of us are just plebeian followers.  Go home and practice your instrument until you can do it yourself.  Go home and practice your writing until you become a better critic.  Go home and give up […]

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Photos: Beach Fossils, Christmas Island, and The Beets at Cake Shop

I’m no Lester, but just this once, fuck it.  Cake Shop was filled with the local cast of regulars on Tuesday night.  I drifted down into the basement just as the first few flakes of this ridiculously overblown storm were beginning to fall outside, and was greeted by an already busy downstairs with the now-familair […]

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Recommended Tuesday Show: The Beets, Christmas Island, Beach Fossils, and Total Slacker at Cake Shop

The Beets, Beach Fossils, and Total Slacker are all well-tread territory on this blog by now.  I like all three of them, and they’re clawing their way out of the usual Brooklyn DIY venue (or Queens venue, as the case may be for The Beets) to play this show at Cake Shop.  It’s Christmas Island, […]

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Recommended Saturday Show (and sweet new MP3s): Beach Fossils, Alex Bleeker & the Freaks, Cloud Nothings, and Nude Beach at Monster Island Basement

(Photo of Cloud Nothings by Leia Jospe for Brooklyn Vegan) I know I recommended a Beach Fossils show yesterday, as well.  They’re good, but it’s who’s playing with them tonight that’s exciting.  Alex Bleeker is Real Estate’s bass player, and his own project sounds like some lost late-6os acid-blues-rock record.  Definitely cool stuff.  Nude Beach […]

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Recommended Friday Show: Real Estate, The Beets, The Tony Castles, Beach Fossils, Total Slacker at St. James Church

Of course as soon as I have to go out of town, the shows for the week get exciting.  The line-up for this show reads like a who’s-who of the up-to-the-minute-super-cool-bands-of-Brooklyn.  Plus, it’s in a church, which should be a wonderful juxtaposition of God, rock and roll, and good acoustics.  Plus, the line-up really is […]

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CMJ: Tuesday Night's Recommended Show

This isn’t the kind of little CMJ show where you go and discover a bunch of great little gems that you’ve never heard of before.  This is one of those CMJ shows where you all you can think is, “Wow, a bill this weirdly awesome would never happen otherwise.”  Here We Go Magic, Titus Andronicus, […]

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