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My Favorite Songs of 2010: 40-31

Welcome to The New York Rockmarket’s end of the year list spectacular.  This is when I talk about how lists are fun but ultimately meaningless, and apologize for not posting the last few days because I’ve been compiling my lists.  This is also where I talk about favorites as opposed to best,like I did last […]

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Recommended Wednesday Show: Best Coast, Male Bonding, and Small Black at Bowery Ballroom

This show is happening twice this week, once at Bowery and once at MHOW, with Alex Bleeker & The Freaks instead of Small Black.  Of course, this means I think you should really go to the Thursday show, but I bet both will be very fun.  Some of Bethany’s recent tweets revealed that she’s been […]

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Photos (for Impose): Best Coast, Babies, and Bitters at The Knitting Factory

If you would like to see some photos from the most alliterative show in recent memory, you should head on over to Impose and check out a few that I took.  It was a really good show, but it was so unbearably hot that my brain was a little fried by the time Best Coast […]

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Recommended Tuesday Show: Best Coast, Bitters, and Babies at The Knitting Factory

I took a little blogcation the past two weeks, as typically happens after events like SXSW, coupled with things like Easter and mothers’ birthdays and good friends leaving New York.   But we’re back!  Tomorrow’s recommended show seems like it was booked with alliteration in mind.  I haven’t blogged about Best Coast much recently on […]

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My Favorite 50 Songs of 2009: 10-1

To recap:  As for My Favorite 50 Songs of 2009, I made a few rules for myself.  First, a band can only appear once.  Also, this is purely about singles I enjoy.  For instance, I would never put Harlem Shakes’ Technicolor Health on my favorite albums list, but “Sunlight” made it pretty high on this list […]

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Hot New Song/Band: "When I'm With You" by Best Coast

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k4vXTGPpKzo&color1=0x384e60&color2=0x2f4354&hl=en&feature=player_embedded&fs=1] I know this was on Pitchfork today so it isn’t much of a “find” per se, and I blogged about a track by Best Coast a few months ago after hearing it on Gorilla vs. Bear.  When I heard “Sun Was High (So Was I),” I thought it was a one-time deal, but after […]

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CMJ: Wednesday Night's Recommended Shows

I have two picks for tomorrow night, and I’d suggest somehow running around between the two of them to optimize your band-age (though they are kind of far apart).  By the way, these shows are only free if you have a badge.  First, Fool’s Gold, Suckers, and New Villager at Bowery Poetry Club.  Fool’s Gold […]

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Two Summery Songs: Foreign Born's "Vacationing People" and Best Coast's "Sun Was High (So Was I)"

Two bands that have been quietly rolling around the blogosphere for awhile, two bands from Los Angeles, and two bands that are a perfect fit for the lazy days of summer.  All I want to do is lay out and listen to these listlessly floating tunes, preferably on an ancient record player, whiskey lemonade in […]

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