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Recommended Tuesday Show: Dan Deacon at Red Hook Park (Free!)

It’s so easy to recommend a Dan Deacon show.  It’s difficult to imagine at this point that there’s too many people who haven’t seen Deacon at some time or another, too many people who can’t identify with the person-to-person interaction that his live set brings.  It seems as if every time he plays a different […]

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Recommended Thursday Show: Dan Deacon, Eternal Summers, Big Troubles, and Dustin Wong of Ponytail at Cake Shop!!!!

I shouldn’t have to write anything about this.  Dan Deacon.  Cake Shop.  Tiny, tiny Cake Shop.  Eternal Summers and Big Troubles would be a bomping show on their own.  My only reservation in recommending this show is fear of my readers getting trampled, or perhaps dying of fun.  By hook or by crook, if you […]

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My Favorite Albums of 2009: 25-11

I’m not completely happy with this list.  I’ve been agonizing over it for about a month now, and no matter how I work it, it doesn’t seem to come out right.  I listened to about 250 albums this year, a paltry percentage of the number of total releases.  Even out of those, I only listened […]

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My Favorite 50 Songs of 2009: 10-1

To recap:  As for My Favorite 50 Songs of 2009, I made a few rules for myself.  First, a band can only appear once.  Also, this is purely about singles I enjoy.  For instance, I would never put Harlem Shakes’ Technicolor Health on my favorite albums list, but “Sunlight” made it pretty high on this list […]

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Recommended Sunday Show: Deerhunter, No Age, and Dan Deacon at Williamsburg Waterfront

Go to the pool party tomorrow.  There a million reasons not to go.  It’s hot.  It’s crowded.  I have to do my laundry.  I have to cook.  I have to watch the last season of Gilmore Girls.  Forget all those lame excuses (even though there was one legitimate excuse included).  I’ve heard good things about […]

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Great New Song: "Snookered" by Dan Deacon

This is one of those occasions on the blog where I write about something you probably already know about.  By this point, most everyone knows that Dan Deacon’s  new album, Bromst, is getting rave reviews.  The electronic party guy has matured; his new album is darker and full of exciting texture.  I always thought of Spiderman of […]

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Recommended Friday Show: BROOKLYN VS. BALTIMORE!!!!!!!!

These days, everyone is saying that Baltimore is the new old Williamsburg: broken down, not-yet-gentrified, and chock-full of bands and artists.  Dan Deacon decided to put that to the test and rounded up his merry band of Baltimorians (is that right?) to have an all-out indie rock smackdown with Brooklyn.  For Baltimore, the line-up is […]

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