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Recommended Saturday Show: Brain Cave Festival at Shea Stadium

It’s springtime!  Pretty much!  This means that for the next six months, we’ll want to sit around all afternoon drinking beers and listening to bands.  Right?  That’s what I want to do anyways, as soon as the weather is remotely warmish. Shea Stadium is kicking off the season of warm weather band fun with the […]

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Recommended Saturday Show: Dinowalrus and Boogie Boarder at Party Expo

I”m not recommending this show so much for the bands.  I mean, Dinowalrus and Boogie Boarder are great.  I’m a big fan of Boogie Boarder’s art rock and I haven’t talked about them for awhile on here, so it’s all well and good that I’m writing about them now.  But I’m mostly recommending this show […]

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Recommended Monday Show: The Morning Benders, Dinowalrus and Royal Chord at Cameo

I am recommending this show simply because the next time Morning Benders play, it’s going to be somewhere like Music Hall of Williamsburg or Bowery Ballroom.  Their song “Excuses” has been generating an incredible amount of buzz, and it’s one of those instances where the song is actually just quite good.  I haven’t seen Dinowalrus […]

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CMJ: Recommended Saturday Shows

I took last night off.  I fell asleep in front the newest It’s Always Sunny at 10, awoke two hours later to zombie-walk into my bed, and just woke up again a few minutes ago.  This CMJ business is a lot more tiring than I remember it being.  I hope everyone rested up for today, […]

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Photos: Real Estate and Dinowalrus at Dead Herring

Dead Herring is a great place to see bands.  The cozy apartment is warm and welcoming with colorful streamers running across the ceiling and fresh-baked cookies coming out of the oven.  There’s even a perfect loft space to perch on, peering down on the bands from above.  Real Estate was the first band of the […]

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