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SXSW 2010: Here We Go!

After a night of over-packing, throwing away everything in my refrigerator, and deciding if taking a second book was worth the extra weight (it was), the time has finally come!  In four hours I’ll be boarding the plane that will take me to the plane that will take me to Austin.  Despite my insane and […]

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NYRM Literary Society: Marquez and Feist

Back in September, I posted about the Replacements song, “Androgynous,” because reading Middlesex reminded me of the tune.  It was just a one-off type of thing, but then a co-worker suggested that I make it into a regular feature.  This will probably end up being more embarrassing for me than anything else (now the internet […]

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Recommended Sunday Show: Dark Was the Night at Radio City Music Hall

So this is a pretty last minute post (my weekend consisted of going from NYC to NJ to Philly for band practice, back to NJ to visit my nephew, back to NYC for way too much dancing last night, and now finally Brooklyn again- I didn’t have a spare minute to post until now), but […]

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Recommended Saturday Show: Celebration and Tall Firs at Glasslands

I’m very behind the times on this one.  As I was perusing tomorrow’s happenings, I noticed that the Tall Firs were playing with a band called Celebration.  I thought, “That’s a neat band name,” and decided to check them out.  Apparently, they are a couple who has been making indie music for several years with […]

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