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My Favorite Albums of 2009: 25-11

I’m not completely happy with this list.  I’ve been agonizing over it for about a month now, and no matter how I work it, it doesn’t seem to come out right.  I listened to about 250 albums this year, a paltry percentage of the number of total releases.  Even out of those, I only listened […]

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My Favorite 50 Songs of 2009: 30-21

To recap:  As for My Favorite 50 Songs of 2009, I made a few rules for myself.  First, a band can only appear once.  Also, this is purely about singles I enjoy.  For instance, I would never put Harlem Shakes’ Technicolor Health on my favorite albums list, but “Sunlight” made it pretty high on this list […]

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Recommended Tuesday Show: Handsome Furs at Bowery Ballroom

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MS5mbeXHOmo&hl=en&fs=1&] Handsome Furs is not the kind of band I’d normally like.  There’s a lot of keyboards.  A lot of keyboards.  I mean, there’s just one woman playing the keyboards, but it’s a substantial part of their songs.  The other half of the music happens to be Dan Boeckner, an essential component of one of […]

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