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Review (for Impose): K-Holes by K-Holes

I wrote a review of K-Holes’ self-titled new record for Impose.  It’s a pretty good record- definitely worth a listen or two, especially if you’re looking for ferocious saxophone rock.  I don’t mean to reduce it to that, because it’s an all-around cool record, but that’s what makes it stand out.  Read the review over […]

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Recommended Saturday Show: Hunx & His Punx, The Babies, and K Holes at Cake Shop

Yeah, yeah, yeah, CMJ, wah wah wah.  For some mysterious reason, there’s a BOATLOAD of bands in town this coming week, and the city is ripe with amazing shows this Saturday as a result.  Maybe you want to see Los Campesinos.  Maybe you want to see King Khan.  Maybe Turbo Fruits.  Maybe Rasputina.  Maybe Web […]

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Recommended Saturday Show: Monster Island Block Party

This Saturday is Monster Island’s 3rd Annual Block Party.  If these supposed torrential hurricane downpours hold off (I remain dubious), then you’ll be treated to a whole bunch of acts both in Monster Island and outside of it.  Frankie and The Outs, Golden Triangle, Aa, K-Holes, K-Ray Eyeballs, and Knyfe Hyts are all playing, along […]

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Recommended Friday Show: Gary War, K Holes and The Super Vacations at Death By Audio

I saw K Holes at Cake Shop just a few short weeks ago, and they left quite the impression.  Full of nervous New York energy, not afraid of the free jazz, and totally rocking at the same time, I thought they were one of the more musically creative groups I’ve seen for awhile.  So much […]

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Photos (for Impose): Jacuzzi Boys, K Holes, Xray Eyeballs, and Shingles at Cake Shop

More photos!  Like I said, I’ve been pretty behind this week with my posts, but this should just about catch us up.  It began as a quiet Sunday evening in the basement of Cake Shop.  I walked in to Shingles’ set, a meandering three piece producing sloppy, angular, college rock.  I have absolutely no idea […]

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Recommended Sunday Show: Golden Triangle, K Holes, and Family Trees at Union Pool

There’s not a lot of breadth to this Sunday’s happenings, but luckily this show should be more than enough to keep you happy.  I saw Golden Triangle open for Thee Oh Sees a few months ago, and they are a ton of fun to watch.  With many of the same members as the recently-blogged-about-here X-Ray […]

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