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Photos: Lame Drivers, Harpoon Forever, Cool World, and Eola at The Delancey

Last Thursday was a weird night.  A fight broke out, I received some really good news, there was some sort of a police raid in a bar I went to, and I kept running into people I used to know.  The weirdness kept on coming and coming.  Luckily, so did the good bands at The […]

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Recommended Thursday Show: Lame Drivers, Cool World, Eola, and Harpoon Forever at The Delancey

Lamedrivers have been around for eight years!  Eight years!  That’s unbelievable.  If you’re not familiar with the always-slightly-under-the-radar New York via Providence via New Jersey band, they generally stick to college rock with lots of influences from your favorite 90s alt bands like The Replacements or Guided By Voices.  They’re offering a 27-track retrospective for […]

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Recommended Thursday Show: My Teenage Stride, The Surprisers, Easter Vomit, and Lame Drivers at The Delancey

When it comes to my 24-year-old self being proud of my 21-year-old self (not that they’re that different, but I certainly don’t mean to be self-congratulatory), there are few instances when I am more so than with My Teenage Stride.  They were the second ever band I ever booked.  I actually don’t remember how it […]

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