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My Favorite 50 Songs of 2009: 50-41

First, a word on lists.  Lists are essentially useless, but people who love music often love making them.  It’s impossible to make an ultimate “best” list, because all music means something different to different people.  But that doesn’t mean there’s no such thing a useful list. There’s a few different “best of” lists I could […]

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CMJ: Recommended Saturday Shows

I took last night off.  I fell asleep in front the newest It’s Always Sunny at 10, awoke two hours later to zombie-walk into my bed, and just woke up again a few minutes ago.  This CMJ business is a lot more tiring than I remember it being.  I hope everyone rested up for today, […]

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Photos: That Ghost, Babies, The Sundelles, Lovvers, and So So Glos at Death By Audio

Death By Audio this past Saturday was another delightfully incestuous Brooklyn/Todd P/Woodsist-ish night.  The exception, of course, being That Ghost from sunny California. He played with just a mic and a guitar and only for a few minutes, but I still stand by my assertion that he’s a hell of a good songwriter.  Much like […]

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Recommended Saturday Show: That Ghost, Lovvers, The Sundelles, and So So Glos at Death By Audio

I’ve very recently blogged both about Lovvers and So So Glos.  I’m enthusiastic about both bands, and you should definitely  make it out to this show to catch Lovvers before they go back to the UK.  I’ve also heard The Sundelles are pretty good (will confirm or deny this after tomorrow).  But the real reason […]

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Photos: Lovvers, Ex Humans, and Darlings

I went to see Lovvers last night at Cake Shop based solely on hearing their one (difficult to pronounce on the radio) track, “AXTXTXIXTXDXE.”  It starts with a wash of undulating ascending feedback, turns into a lovely British-punk influenced jingle jangle, and finishes before it hits the two minute mark.  Nothing groundbreaking, sure, but I […]

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