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Recommended Friday Show: MV & EE and Spectre Folk at Death By Audio

I think I’m starting to lose my touch.  I look at all the show listings with the new bands, and none of them interest me very much.  Maybe we’re in a lull.  Does anyone feel like we’re in a musical lull, for the past several months or so?  I sure do.  Luckily, FINALLY, a band […]

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Photos (for Impose): Woods and MV&EE with Joshua Light Show at Abrons Art Center

Last Thursday night I tentatively made my way down the long strip of Grand Street between the B/D station and the Williamsburg Bridge, keeping my eyes peeled for the mysterious Abrons Art Center.  Amidst one of the few places in Manhattan that still actually sort of resembles the type of neighborhood in novels like Lust […]

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