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Photos: NYRM 2nd Anniversary Show at Shea Stadium

Saturday night saw this blog’s 2nd anniversary show at Shea Stadium.  All the bands were great, Prince Rama were killer DJs who were nice enough to stay until 3AM and keep everyone dancing the whole time.  I had a really wonderful time, and I hope everyone else who came did, too.  I want to say […]

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Recommended Saturday Show: NEW YORK ROCKMARKET’S 2ND ANNIVERSARY at Shea Stadium

Happy birthday New York Rockmarket!!!!!!  This blog just turned two years old, and to celebrate I’m throwing a party at Shea Stadium tonight.  We’ve got Translations and Yellow Ostrich, two bands that make beautiful soundscapes and have been favorites on this blog for a long time.  Then, we’ve got two relatively unknown up and comers, […]

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My Favorite Albums of 2010

I almost didn’t make this list.  I mean, come on.  It’s New Year’s Eve.  No one cares anymore.  Everyone’s just getting psyched for Ariel Pink or Titus tonight (you should definitely go to one of those shows, by the way), and looking forward to the whole music cycle starting over again in 2011.  I swear […]

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Photos (for Impose): Neon Indian and Prince Rama at Brooklyn Bowl

On Friday night, Neon Indian played at Brooklyn Bowl and judged a Halloween contest.  That was fun and all, but Neon Indian could not have sounded worse (and I mean that almost literally).  The electronics and theramin and guitar and drums sounded like they were being played by four people who couldn’t hear each other, […]

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Recommended Thursday Show: CMJ Day #3

At least CMJ Thursday is pretty straight-forward during the day.  It’s the I Guess I’m Floating (one of my very favorite blogs) Pianos day party.  It’s pretty much wall-to-wall worthwhile bands including Baths, Beach Fossils, Oberhofer, Teen Daze, Young Man, Braids, and Gobble Gobble. The nighttime gets much more complicated.  Of course, part of this […]

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Recommended Wednesday Show: CMJ Day #2

1AM and I just stepped in for the first time since 10AM this morning.  These festival thingys are pretty exhausting.  Luckily for most everyone, tomorrow has a lot of good shows, but only a few real standouts.  I definitely recommend picking somewhere and staying put, at least as the nighttime is concerned.  If you’re lucky […]

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Recommended Monday Show: Deakin, Prince Rama, Silk Flowers, and Amen Dunes at Glasslands

Sorry I wasn’t able to post about yesterday and today.  There was a lot of really great stuff happening (Alex Bleeker & The Freaks in Red Hook last night, the Todd P acoustic barbecue today), but WordPress wouldn’t let me log in for some reason.  Hopefully, all these technical issues will magically disappear soon.  In the meantime, […]

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Recommended Saturday Show: Pocahaunted and Prince Rama at Glasslands

Pocahaunted.  Originally a duo with Bethany of Best Coast and Amanda Brown, Bethany dropped out when everyone was all saying, “Oh my god, they’re like, these two women who are making drone music, isn’t that special and quaint?”  And then Bethany said, “Eff that,” so she left to do Best Coast and Brown continued to […]

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