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Recommended Wednesday Show: The Thermals, Cymbals Eat Guitars, and So Cow at Irving Plaza

Now that Irving Plaza is called Irving Plaza again, I feel that it’s ok to recommend shows there.  It was, after all, the first venue I ever went to in NYC.  While it does seem slightly ridiculous to see all three of these bands in such a large venue (remember when The Thermals were opening […]

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Recommended Wednesday Show: So Cow, Babies, Sunday Times, and The Surprisers at Death By Audio

I don’t mean to blog about Babies and So Cow quite so much, but this is definitely the best show going on tomorrow.  I’ve already made my extreme adoration for those two groups quite clear (just got home, in fact, from seeing Babies at Knitting Factory – photos soon at Impose), so I’ll focus on […]

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Recommended Sunday Show: So Cow and Babies at Cake Shop

It’s no secret.  I’m a little bit obsessed with Babies (not babies).  My friend put it best, I think.  When she heard about the show she immediately decided to go. Since they really don’t have any kind of recording out it’s the only way to “get your Babies fix.”  Their city-cool, breezy post-punk tunes are […]

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Recommended Saturday Show: Blank Dogs, So Cow, Frankie & The Outs, Sisters, and Wild Nothing at Monster Island Basement

This show is ridiculous.  It’s like a little mini music festival just waiting there for you to have a fantastic night out.  Monster Island basement is a pretty small venue for this show, so it should be really high-energy, packed, and tons of fun.  You can pretty much vaguely describe every single one of these […]

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